• Max Komes, Student Intern

    It takes courage to navigate the inner world; my life purpose is to create a space of safety for you to do so.

    My name is Max Komes, and I am dedicated to helping you to explore your innate ability to heal – compassionately understanding the past, empowering you to cultivate mastery over thoughts and emotions, and guiding you towards creating a life of clarity and well-being.

    I earned my BA in Health Sciences from the University of Iowa and am currently in my second year of pursuing my MS in Mental Health Counseling Psychology from Troy University. I am a student intern working under the supervision of Lyissa O’Connor at Maitri Counseling Center.

    Through my training in both traditional and holistic healing practices, I have witnessed the transformative potential of the mind-body connection, inspiring me to integrate evidence-based mindfulness and somatic approaches into my psychotherapeutic approach. Furthermore, I use a personalized style that incorporates psychodynamic, humanistic, and existential therapies tailored to your specific needs and goals.

    Thank you for being here.

    Together, let’s move towards a life of inner stillness, purpose, resilience, and clarity.